Car Rental Services

South Crete Tours is your dedicated partner in East Crete in unlocking the wonders of East Crete for your clients. We, being the premier travel agency and incoming tour operator, extend to you our expert services as fellow industry professionals with our exclusive car rental service tailor-made to provide your customers with quality services also uplift your travel packages with extra services, such as fly and drive and car recommended excursions.

Our car rental company has a variety of well-kept vehicles that allow your customers to tour the island in style and comfort. From small coastal drives by couples to family trips, our rental services fit all your clientele. Partnering with us means providing reliable transportation that seamlessly integrates with your curated itineraries. Let's rediscover unparalleled travel experiences together!

At South Crete Tours, we understand the importance of a smooth collaboration. Our B2B services offer streamlined booking processes, competitive pricing, and personalized support to ensure your clients' satisfaction. Enhance your tour packages with the flexibility and convenience of South Crete Tours, allowing your customers to explore the beauty of Crete at their own pace.

Join forces with South Crete Tours, and let our reliable car rental service become an integral part of your offerings. With our commitment to excellence, we aim to contribute to the success of your tours by providing top-notch transportation solutions that align with your vision for unforgettable travel experiences in South and East Crete.