About Us

South Crete Tours, founded by George Mavrakis in 1978, has been among the first travel agencies established in the Prefecture of Lasithi, with the Head Office in Ierapetra and basic operation taking place in Eastern Crete. Being in the market for over 40 years, we are known as the eastern part of Crete specialists, as we know how to serve and deliver.

Representing tour operators in Eastern Crete for the past 40 years, we maintain excellent working relations with owners of accommodations and count as one of the most reliable incoming travel agencies in Eastern Crete. And the reason behind this is that, while we are an independently owned family business, we work together as a team and therefore value all our business partners;

hence most of them we have enjoyed long-term partnerships with and today maintain great friendships.
In dealing with the customers, we are able to offer quality services in very competitive rates, and more so, always manage to get excellent reviews and keep our guests satisfied by offering our services with a professional attitude and a friendly smile!

Meet our team

Out team consists of over 30 dedicated, multilingual, experienced tourism professionals, and as we have been working with most of them for many years, we believe they extend our family!

Besides our main office managers, our team includes as well customer service representatives in five (5) languages (English, German, French, Czech, and Polish) and, along with a group of professional drivers and tour guides we manage to create trust and a friendly enviroment to our mutual customers.

Timeline of our history

  • 2018Polish language added

    Polish language offered to our excursion program.
  • 2012French language added

    Our excursion program was enchased with French language.
  • 2000Czech market

    Cooperating with large and mid-size tour operators in Cezh, Slovak and Hungarian markets, first with Aeolus, selling in Czech, Slovakia and Hungary, and later on with Travel2002 and Brenna.
  • 1992Branch office in Makrygialos

    Branch office in Makjrigialos, a region with great tourist interest.
  • 1990English market opened

    Forged strong partnerships within the English market by collaborating with Kosmar Villas for 25 years, subsequently establishing fruitful collaborations with Thomson Holidays and later with Cachet Travel, all of which are small and mid-size tour operators based in the United Kingdom.
  • 1988 German & Austrian markets

    Formed partnerships in the German and Austrian markets, initially with Quo Vadis (Germany & Austria), followed by collaborations two years later with ISTS, Lassithi Reisen and later on with SKR Reisen, all based in Germany.
  • 1985First busses added to our fleet

    We expanded our fleet by introducing our very first bus, marking the beginning of our excursion and transfer services. Today, we successfully own more than 10 buses and minibuses, and by collaborating closely with local bus companies, we effectively coordinate a comprehensive fleet that totals more than 25 vehicles.
  • 1984Car Rental Company established

    Our car rental company commenced its operations with an initially modest fleet, consisting of only five cars. As the company prospered, we were able to significantly enhance and enlarge our fleet to more than 150 vehicles.
  • 1983Swiss and Dutch markets collaboration

    Venturing into the Swiss and Dutch markets, we initiated our first collaborations with SSR from Switzerland and from the Dutch market NBBS, and a few years later with Bozman Reisen and Villa Kreta, also from the Netherlands.
  • 1980First hotel management

    George Mavrakis managed one of the first hotels in Ierapetra, named "Liya" until 1985. During this time, he played a key role in shaping the local hospitality scene, contributing to the community and the growing tourism industry.
  • 1978South Crete Tours SA established

    Established in Ierapetra, our company G N Mavrakis AE operating under the title South Crete Tours SA, was founded by George Mavrakis in a region where tourism was just beginning, showcasting the visionary spirit of its founder.
By being in the tourism business for many years the company manages today

Serves over


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Offers up to



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Operates daily


Transport Vehicles

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Directs a fleet of


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Clients & Partnerships

With over four decades of operational excellence, our company proudly upholds a commitment to honoring not only our esteemed clients but also our valued suppliers. In fostering enduring partnerships, we have cultivated strong relationships that stand the test of time, a testament to our dedication to mutual success.

Among our clients are charter and your operators, groups and incentives specialists, internet operators (OTA's) and GDS and large travel agencies. Our partnerships also include certified IT travel companies, local bus companies and excursion operators.

About our company's founder

Founded in 1978 by George Mavrakis during the burgeoning era of tourism in Crete, our company, South Crete Tours S.A., began its journey with a small hotel named "Liya" and a fledgling car rental business boasting five cars. Assisted by his German-speaking wife Maria Michalaki, the couple navigated the industry's early days. The ensuing success prompted the acquisition of the company's first bus, marking the foray into collaboration with small to mid-size tour operators across Europe, starting with the Swiss market and expanding to encompass the Dutch market.

As the company steadily flourished, George and Maria strategically extended their reach, successfully opening lucrative new markets in Germany and Austria. A pivotal moment came with a significant partnership with one of the large tour operators in the United Kingdom, Kosmar Villas, solidifying a partnership that endured for 25 years. Later on, they skillfully forged another crucial and mutually beneficial alliance with one of the largest Tour Operators in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, further bolstering their international presence.

The enduring legacy of George Mavrakis continues with the seamless integration of his sons, Giannis and Nikos, into the family business, further solidifying South Crete Tours S.A. as a true family venture. Today, South Crete Tours S.A. stands as a testament to decades of growth and dedication. With over 30 members in our team, operating a fleet of 25 buses and mini-busses, and a collection of over 150 rental cars, we proudly serve and exceed the expectations of over 20,000 guests annually. Our journey from a small enterprise to a thriving tourism business reflects our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and the enduring spirit of the Mavrakis family's vision.