Spinalonga – Elounda

Elounda Spinalonga in Crete

Availableevery Sunday in German/Czech (May-October)

Duration8 hours approximately (from last pick up to first drop off)

This trip takes you to the famous Spinalonga island, located at the east side of Crete. We will take you by our air conditioned bus from Makrigialos and Ierapetra until Elounda, a famous village for its beauty and view. From there we will take the boat to visit the island of Spinalonga, where you will be offered a guided tour and have enough free time to explore the island.
The history and the culture of the island of Spinalonga became one with human tragedy in the course of time. This small isle carries within the history of Ancient Greece, as it was used as a Leper Colony until 1957 and there is a great history for you to find out behind this.
Spinalonga also served a natural guard for the ancient city of Olous, the history of the Saracens as a hide-out for their pirates, the history of Venetians as their fortress, the history of Turks as their settlement.
Our next stop will be off shore, where you can dive into the crystal water, enjoy swimming and snorkeling. We will return with the boat to Elounda where you will have time for lunch and walk around the streets.
Our last stop will be in Agios Nikolaos for shopping and coffee (we will stay approximately 1,5h).

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