Lasithi Plateau

Lasithi Plateau

Available every Monday in German/Czech (May-October).

Duration 8 hours approximately (from last pick up to first drop off).

This trip offers the opportunity to visit Cretan destinations and picturesque spots. We start from Krasi, a picturesque village where we will stay for approx. 45 min walk around the local streets and visit the old “Platanus” tree that counts over 2.500 years in the area!
Our second stop is in Psychro where we will visit the famous cave and have enough time for coffee.
Next, our visit to Agios Konstantinos village in Lasithi Plateau, a village located at an altitude of 850 meters.
We will enjoy our lunch there, a menu full of local delicacies, on the top of the mountain. After our stomach is full, we will be heading to Panagia Kera, an old byzantine church famous for its mural paintings where you can take unique pictures.

Τουριστικός Οδηγός Ανατολικλης Κρήτης

Lassithi Plateau
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